Dad Devotional Day 3

1 Chronicles 19

What does it mean to be “Old School”? The question itself conjures up many great aspects of manhood and in 1 Chronicles 19; David exerts himself in sweet old school fashion. The story begins with David sending out some messengers to congratulate a new king on his assentation to the throne. The new king, fearing that these ambassadors are spies, shaves their beard and returns them with half their garments cut away. And its not the cool ‘Top Gun volley ball’ half that is removed. Now picture this. These are strong warrior men, for whom growing a beard is the symbol of their masculinity. They are sent back shaved with their twigs and berries swinging in the wind for all to see. Dang Bible!

Old school demands respect and old school does not tolerate bullies. How can an old school guy like David, with a heart for God, reassert a mans masculinity. He could send a small army and conduct a long siege slowly wearing down the enemy. He could weakly send out a negotiating party and explain right and wrong telling them to apologize. Or he can send a all his army and act swiftly. Men are going to die either way in war. That is the nature of it. The question a man after God’s own heart must ask is, which one looses the least lives and restores the identity stolen from these men.

We deal with this all the time. Do we face a bully on the playground and punch him hard in the nose or do we slowly try convince him he is wrong? The swift and hard way may look extreme, but if you wait many kids will be hurt in the delay. There is going to be blood either way. Sometimes, a quick bloodbath is exactly what God’s heart wants, because the alternative is even more painful. David is not going to let his men be stripped of their identity and neither should you. God made you with a unique identity and its worth going to war for. Go and fight for it!


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